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Bringing you inspiring stories from Europe and Asia


ENLA Media (十宜影樂) is a film and media production company in  Taiwan. 

Inspiring, fun and multicultural, we dedicate to produce films and scripted content with a variety of talents from the UK/Europe and Asia with unique and diverse perspectives.

Alongside film production, ENLA Media works in digital and immersive storytelling, from short-form creative content to Virtual Reality, connecting new forms of storytelling with creative talents for brands and bringing great stories to the audience. 

About the Producer

Amanda Manyin Reinert is a Hong Kong based producer originally from Taiwan and the founder of ENLA Media.


Amanda is passionate about all forms of storytelling and is a graduate of Creative Producing for Digital Platforms programme at the National Film and Television School 2019. 

Prior to her producer career, Amanda is a legal professional working with creatives and clients for 10 years internationally.

Amanda Manyin Reinert
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